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November 3, 2012
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Arthur's phone buzzes, stopping the click-clack sound of his finger flying across the computer's keyboard.  Glancing towards it, he sighs, and reaches for it.  Flipping it open, he says into the receiver, "Hello, this is Arthur.  Who is this?"

"Ohonhonhonhon, so you finally decided to pick up, eh Iggy~?"  The familiar voice of Francis sounded through the cellphone.

"What do you want, you bloody frog?"  Arthur sighs, pressing his fingers against the bridge of his nose.

Francis huffs, clearly irritated.  "I don't want to tell you anymore."

"You blood frog!  Tell me right now or I swear-"

Arthur's cut off by a familiar voice.  "Oh, Francis, stop teasing him."  (Name)'s voice comes through the phone.  "Hey Artie, I was wondering if you could come home early.  I...have something to tell you."  Her voice falters slightly, making Arthur's green eyes narrow.

"Is something wrong?"  He asks her, nervousness clouding his stomach.

(Name)'s quiet for a while, then she replies, "I-I need to tell you when you get home."

Arthur rubs his head, a sigh building up.  "Ok, I'll be home soon.  Love you."  He hangs up, leaning back in his chair.  For a while he just sits there, his eyes closed.  Finally the British man closes his laptop, puts it away, and stands up.

Walking out of his office, he calls to his boss, "Later old chap.  I have to go meet with my wife."  His boss waves his hand, gesturing he heard Arthur, his other hand on the telephone.

Walking out of the building, Arthur takes a breath of fresh air, before waving his hand for a cab.  Finally one picks him up and soon, the city is rushing past him.  Arthur drums his fingers on the briefcase, his mind somewhere else.  The driver slows to a stop and after paying him, Arthur steps out.

He gazes at the house, before opening the door, and calling into it, "(Name), I'm home."


Arthur's voice makes your head turn.  You glance at Francis, who gives you a small nod of reassurance.  You stand up and almost fall down, due to your legs quaking in fear.  "In here,"  You call back, proud of yourself that your voice is strong.

Arthur walks into the room, running a hand through his messy hair.  His green eyes travel from Francis to you, suspicion in his green eyes.  "Why the bloody hell is he there?"  He asks, pointing an accusing finger at the Frenchman.

"Arthur please.  I was just talking to him,"  You reassure him, walking up to him.  "It's ok."  You know Arthur got a little jealous when he saw Francis and you together.  But you always told him the two of you are just friends, nothing else.

Narrowing his eyes, Arthur glances at you.  "Why'd you call me home so early?"  He demands, walking to one of the couches across from Francis and sitting down.  He presses his forefingers to the bridge of his nose.

"Well,"  You take a deep breath, pausing,  "I-I came back from the hospital-"

Arthur cuts you off.  "Are you ok?"  He asks, his voice full of horror.  "Are you hurt?"

"What?  No!  No, I'm fine,"  You say, shaking your head.

Arthur breathes a sigh of relief, looking visibly relaxed.  "Please don't do that love."

"But..."  His eyes snap up to your voice.  "There is something important I need to tell you."

"I zink zat's my cue to leave,"  Francis says, getting up.  "Arzur, don't screw this up."  Francis' eyes narrow for a moment.  He turn to you and dips his head in a farewell.  "Adieu to you both."  Then, he's gone, leaving to two of you alone.

Arthur stares after Francis, as he leaves, annoyance easily seen in his eyes.  Turning to you, they soften.  "So, what did you need to tell me without the frog in here?"  He asks, crossing his legs and closing his eyes.

"Arthur, I'm pregnant,"  You whisper, twisting your hands together.

Arthur's green eyes snap open and he blinks slowly.  "You're...what?"  He breathes, his chest rising and falling in horror.

Ok, you were not expecting that reply.  "Are you not happy?"  You ask, your blood turning ice cold.

"No, no.  I am,"  He quickly says, standing up.  "I just..."  His voice trails off.  You bite your bottom lip, waiting to see what he says.  He sighs, and rubs his head, a thing you notice he had been doing a lot.  "I hadn't expected this, that's all,"  He finally says, slowly walking up to you, like you're an alien.

Relief floods you and you smile weakly.  "So, you are happy?"

He stops walking towards you, so close that your hair length away.  Arthur slowly blinks, like he was in a trance.  "Oh yeah, of course I am,"  He quickly says, a little too quick.

"...if you say so."

Nine Months Later

It's been nine months since Arthur found out.  Since then, he's been following you around, like he's afraid you'll trip on the ground or something.  He's even quit his job.  Arthur Kirkland never does that!

He's acting really stressed too, he hasn't been sleeping or eating; he's grown unnaturally thin.  Dark circles have settled underneath his eyes, and his hair has been falling out in strands.

Having him stressed out is making you stressed out.  Hey, having a stressed person out is stressful enough!  Let alone having a freaking baby!

You sigh, sitting down in a chair.  "I cannot wait to get you out,"  You grumble, rubbing your large stomach.  You feel a kick, almost like the baby agrees with you.  "Hopefully daddy will calm down after you're here."

Arthur walks in, a tray of tea on top of it.  "Hey sweetie, how are you doing?"  He asks, rubbing his palms on his pants.  

You give him a pointed look.  "Arthur, for God's sake, just relax you're not the one having this little thing."

"Right...right...,"  He says, sitting down next to you.  He grabs your hand, and rubs his thumb on top of your knuckles, his eyes closed.

You stare at him, nervousness now eating at you.  "Maybe you should get some rest.  You haven't slept for days,"  You say to him, looking at him with narrowed eyes.

"Oh no, I'm fine.  Completely fine,"  He says, his eyes still closed.  You don't answer, and for a second, it's just peaceful.  Then, the pain happens.  You let out a faint yelp, and you keen over, griping your stomach.  His eyes open in surprise and he stands up.  "Ok, let's go to the hospital,"  He says, taking your hand and dragging you up.

Wincing, you nod, not wanting to say anything.


~Le Time Skip~

Arthur steps back and forth, his eyes glued to the ground.  His hands are gripped behind his back, fear biting at his stomach.  Light green eyes glance up at the clock, and then back to the ground.  It's been hours since the time they came to the hospital.  What if she dies?!  She could be killed because of the bloody baby!  Bloody hell...why did she have to get pregnant?  Arthur turns round and round, until he gets dizy, fear almost choking him, and he sits down, a hand to the side of his head.

"Mr. Kirkland,"  A nurse steps into the waiting room.  "Your wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl."

Arthur bolts up from the chair.  "Is she ok?"  He asks, quickly walking up to the nurse.

"Yes, she is fine, she's just a little tired,"  The nurse gently says, resting a hand on Arthur's shoulder.

Relief captivates Arthur's body, making him sway.  "May I see her?"  He asks, his voice cracking with relief.  The nurse nods, and beckons him with a finger.

Slowly, they walk to where (Name) is, all the way, Arthur clenches and unclenches his hands, anticipation now taking control.  Finally, they make it to the door, and Arthur pauses at it, unsure if he should go in.  He grips the doorknob and pulls it open.

(Name) glances up, holding a bundle in her arms, exhaustion in her eyes.  A tired smile shows on her lips, happiness dancing in Arthur's stomach.  "How are you doing love?"  He asks gently, slowly walking up to her.

"Good,"  She answers, looking truthful.  (Name) then laughs, seeing his nervousness.  "Come darling, meet your daughter."

Arthur edges closer, glancing at the small shape.  It eyes are closed, its face looks peaceful, its lips puckering.  Arthur stares at the child, his fingers slowly reaching out, almost like he believes the child will disappear.

The child twitches as Arthur's fingers trace her head.  (Name) chuckles, and glances at him.  "Expecting her to not be real?"  Arthur's fingers pause, and he nods, looking a little embarrassed.  She smiles gently, and takes his hand.  "Not while I'm alive, she's going to die."

"Yes.  I believe that,"  Arthur chuckles, kissing her knuckles.  "I believe that..."
:iconyayzplz: I FINALLY FINISHED IT! :D

This is a commission from :iconstarburst34:. Hopefully she liked it~

I was given it a while ago...but then I sorta forgot about it... Oops... ^^;

I apologize Star-chan!

So anyways, how are you people? X3 Me? I'm watching Doctor Who which I love btw! XD

As always, I hope you enjoy and tell me any mistakes I made~

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That was LOVELY!~ I love that word, lovely...

Doctor Who, hmm? My brother and his good looking friends watch that. I've caught a lot of the episodes they watched from when they came over, and a few from the first season. I can never find time to sit down and watch it in chronological order though! ( big words, am I smart yet? ;u; ) The computer, Homestuck, Tumblr, Anime, Deviantart... it beckons me... I'm starting to get into it though x3
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